Hankuk Aviation University

        B.E. in Aeronautical Engineering

    Samsung Data Systems CO., LTD. Education Center

        System Programmer Course


    Korea Institute of Science and Technology

        Facial animation system for EXPO 93 Sculpture Robot System
        - SGI Crimson RealityEngine, IRIS Performer, C/C++

        Facial animation and motion capture system for primary study of virtual reality
        - SGI Crimson RealityEngine, IRIS Performer, C/C++, Polhemus

    RealTime Visual

        Index visualization system for Internet web browser
        - PC, Windows NT, OpenGL, C/C++

        Virtual studio system for MBC(Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) 'Selection 96'
        - SGI Onyx RealityEngine 2, IRIS Performer, C/C++


        GUI Development for Digital Character Animation System
        - PC, Windows NT, OpenGL, C/C++

        Interior Proposal System using 3D Studio MAX
        - PC, Windows NT, MAXSDK, C/C++


    The road to CAD (1992)

        - AutoCAD Tutorials for all level from beginner to 3rd party developer

    3D Studio Technical Artworks (1996)

        - 3D Studio R4 Special Effect Guide



        IBM-PC, SGI(SiliconGraphics)


        MS-DOS, Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000, UNIX(IRIX, LINUX)


        LISP, COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC, Pascal, C/C++, Java


        IRIS GL for SGI
        IRIS Performer for SGI
        OpenGL for PC and SGI
        AutoLISP/ADS/ARX for AutoCAD
        IPAS for 3D Studio
        MAXSDK/MAXScript for 3ds max


        Visual Studio 6.0
        AutoCAD 2000, 3ds max 4,
        POV-Ray, BMRT


        - radio controlled car, boat, airplane, and helicopter
        - jigsaw puzzle

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